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If used properly, your RRSP is a powerful tool that can be used differently at various stages of life. The Home Buys Plan can be an effective way to save for that deposit needed on your first home purchase. Then you can reduce taxable income and grow your retirement nest egg for the future.


If used properly, a TFSA can be an awesome tool used for retirement. If you happen to have a pension plan of some sort, the TFSA may be a better strategy than an RRSP. The funds are also available to you at any time, tax free.


Many options on how to grow your unregistered investments are available. Growth and protection are the key points here.

Retirement Planning

When you retire, you’ll want to enjoy your wealth without worry, knowing that your wealth will last for your lifetime. This is done by creating a retirement plan that takes into account the lifestyle that you want for your retirement as wells as future needs and sources of income. By combining your pensions, RRSPs, TFSAs and unregistered investments properly, you can maximize tax efficiency, manage risk, and have estate planning strategies in place.


Not every RESP is created equally. They all have a basic set of rules but, how some companies bend the rules may surprise you. Get educated (no pun intended) on how education savings plans work before you decide.

*Other group products such as Health plans, Group RSPs as well as Pension plans are also available.